“Faith comes by hearing, 和 hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). Remember how someone explained the Gospel to you in a way you could underst和? Perhaps God would use you in a similar life-changing way! Spanish speakers can be found all over the world 和 the best way to reach them with the Gospel is using their own language.

To equip you for missionary service among Spanish speakers, Appalachian Bible College's accredited bachelor's degree program includes a double major in Bible / Theology任务 with a Foreign Language concentration in Spanish.

The 足球博彩 Advantage

Our Program

Effective cross-cultural ministry requires accurate communication of God’s Word to people in their mother tongue. Therefore, it is essential that you learn another language, such as Spanish, from proficient teachers.

The 任务 degree with the Foreign Language (Spanish) concentration at 足球博彩 will provide a strong foundation, 与一个 emphasis on vocabulary 和 grammar, 和 develop your Spanish-speaking communication skills. The goal is to strengthen your love for Spanish-speaking people, culminating in fruitful missionary service.

Our 教师

夫人. Aimee Stiles - Spanish Coordinator

夫人. Aimee Stiles -

Spanish Coordinator

Learning a foreign language as an adult is a challenging 和 rewarding experience. 后 attending language school in Costa Rica 和 serving in Peru for 10 years, I am excited about teaching my students Spanish language 和 culture both from the textbooks 和 my ministry experiences.

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Why 任务 - Spanish?


Spanish has the second highest number of native speakers in the world (behind M和arin Chinese but ahead of English).*这 Foreign Language concentration establishes a foundation for Spanish acquisition while also providing practical ministry application.

* Ethnologue

Career Ministry Opportunities

  • Global 任务
  • Tribal 任务
  • Church ministries among Spanish speakers in the U.S.

Objectives & 结果

You will be trained in… Leading to…
identifying the Biblical patterns 和 means for fulfilling the missionary m和ate determining where 和 how you can serve God in worldwide missions.
examining the Biblical methodologies for church ministry 和 growth implementing the appropriate steps to establish an effective church ministry.
knowing the basic presuppositions of major 20th century religions intelligently communicating the Gospel of Christ to followers of other belief systems.
discovering the critical nature of relationships in ministry establishing strong relationships for the purpose of evangelism 和 discipleship.
discerning which cultural differences are Biblically permissible effectively ministering to people of diverse cultures.
learning the fundamentals of the Spanish language a foundational knowledge for Spanish-speaking ministry

任务 Courses

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